Meet Kim, the owner

                                           Kim: 55 years old

At our company, we pride ourselves on exceptional quality.  Autumn Glow Botanical was developed by me, an Esthetician.  Working in the skin care industry for 15 years, "I wanted to see more non toxic products on the market at an affordable price."  I was using products that didn't enhance my skin. There was no Glow!  After going through a bout of break-outs and dry skin in my 4o's, I began to research some of the ingredients in a lot of the skin care products on the market, when I realized that moisturizers did not deeply moisturize my skin!  I found that the ingredients to preserve these products contain hormone disrupters, allergens and most of all carcinogens!  So I began using oils.  These oils I used were natural, high in vitamins A, C and E and helped clear up my adult acne. I was also building collagen and preventing fine lines and wrinkles because of the high vitamin C content too. 

I used this mixture for years until I decided to market it to the public.  I was looking for safe, sustainable skin care that was luxurious yet affordable. Now I am in my 50's and my skin is smooth, even-toned and blemish free! 

From initial concept to the final product, our attention to detail is second to none.  In an ever evolving industry, Autumn Glow Botanical provides the results that you are looking for in non toxic skin care.  Explore our site and see for yourself - we love our products and we hope you will too!