You Asked, and We Answered!

Q: Why use Autumn Glow Beauty Oil for the face?

A: Unlike  any other skincare oil on the market, AG Beauty Oil contains Rosehip, Seabuckthorn and Jojoba Oils, which nourishing the skin. Vital nutrients and vitamins such as Vitamins A , C and E are packed in this little powerhouse bottle of goodness. These vitamins are essential to helping to build collagen, even out skin tone and give you a natural radiance. 

Q: Will AG Beauty Oil clog my pores and cause acne?

A:  No... Our combination of oils are non-comedogenic, which means it will NOT clog your pores. There certain plant based oils that will never clog pores and cause acne. And I'm proud to say ours is one of them. 

Q: I have Oily Skin, can I still use AG Beauty Oil?

A:  Yes! If you are in cold weather. However, I would suggest using Summer Glow Beauty Oil. That particular oil is made with Hemp Seed and  Evening Primrose Oils which help to regulate and slow down overactive oil glands.

Q: When should I use AG Beauty Oil?

A: Everyday! Use AM & PM. First, Cleanse, Next Nourish Face Mist, then use a 1/2 a dropperful of Autumn Glow Beauty Oil. For those with mature skin, follow up with  Autumn Glow Botanical's Dew Moisture Whip to seal in maximum moisture.

Q: Why is RosehipSeed Oil and Seabuckthorn Oil incorporated into your entire line?

A: The combination (and correct ratio ) of oils is exploding with nutrients and antioxidants. It is moisture rich for drier skin types and helps to clear complexions and promote youthful looking skin. Get the GLOW that you've been looking for.. Naturally!


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