The Trifecta from the Summer Glow Series

The Trifecta from the Summer Glow Series

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Here is the system you should use for healthy glowing skin. For normal to oily types, this system is also good for All Skin types.

Lotus~ This botanical facial wash made with organic ingredients is perfect for regulating natural oils, minimizes pore size and cleanses with stripping it.

Quench~ Made with Aloe Vera Juice, Coconut and Cucumber waters.  Quench regulates over active oil production while putting moisture back into the skin, after cleansing with Lotus mist Quench all over for moisture then apply a few drops of Summer Glow

Summer Glow~ This light, fragrant oil is just enough to seal in moisture, regulate over active oil glands, reduce acne and give you a lovely glow. Naturally!

Cleanse with Lotus

Hydrate wit Quench

Summer Glow

In That Order