Eye Dew Firming Eye Cream ** COMING SOON***

Eye Dew Firming Eye Cream ** COMING SOON***

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Coming Soon!

A new way to Retinol!! This eye cream contains Bakuchiol, a plant based Retinol that should be on your radar.  Its an excellent antioxidant to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Our eye cream is designed to plump fine lines and perks up tired looking eyes.  Ceramides will help fragile skin around the eye area stay moisturized. 


Bakuchiol gives the SAME results as a retinol, but Bakuchiol is less irritating so you can use it day and night.

Directions: On clean skin apply a few dots under eye area and smooth around the entire eye focusing under the eye area. Apply day and night. Make this your last step in your beauty routine.

EYE DEW will do the following:

Improve skin elasticity

Keeps skin around the eyes supported

Reduces fines lines and crows feet

Boosts collagen to make the skin look tighter and plumper