Self Care Sunday Essentials Bundle

Self Care Sunday Essentials Bundle

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Is it Sunday yet? our Self Care Sunday Essentials Bundle is perfect for that  "AT~HOME" Facial/Spa Experience! All you need is a steamer and you can pamper yourself like the professionals do!

CLEANSE is a botanical foaming facial wash that gently cleanses your skin.  Made with plant lipids to sooth the skin and cleansing agents derived from coconut oil will clarify the most sensitive skin without stripping it too much of its natural oils. Made with organic ingredients, it is gentle enough to be used on baby too!

NOURISH  Allow Nourish Face Mist to quench dry thirsty skin, while letting the subtle aroma of roses put you in a peaceful and calming state of mind. Make sure to use GLOW Beauty Oil to seal all of that goodness in!

AUTUMN GLOW BEAUTY OIL Place a few drops onto your finger.  The indulgent fragrance of tangerine will uplift the senses yet calms the nerves. This luxurious beauty oil instantly sinks into your skin changing the way your skin looks and feels, by giving you a beautiful Glow! Treats dry skin and is packed with vitamins A and C, this oil will help build collagen, even out skin tone as well as fight fine lines and wrinkle

RE~NEW GENTLE FACE SCRUB cleanses clogged pores, smooths the skin revealing noticeably softer, new skin!

When you exfoliate regularly your remove dirt and dead skin. By doing so, you end of having clear, smooth, soft skin!

MASK~ON ROSE CLAY FACE MASK  This luscious, creamy yet drying Rose Clay Mask will leave the skin feeling soft, smooth and glowing! Rose Clay has gentle oil absorbing properties making this mask perfect for both dry and oily skin types! It is luxurious and pampering.

DEW MOISTURE WHIP  is a luxurious blend of pure Rosehip Seed Oil and hydrating Rose Water.  This luxurious face cream is designed to keep moisture in the skin. Dew Moisture Whip is a  gorgeously citrus-scented moisturizer that is non-greasy, which makes it perfect to use on the face after cleansing and toning. Rosehip Seed Oil is an exclusive oil that can help correct acne and can relieve inflammatory conditions such as eczema.

Why We Love It

~It deeply moisturizes

~Promotes healing

~It may help with stretch marks

~It brightens skin

~Helps with fine lines 

~ Soothes dry skin 

HOW TO USE:  Use ALL of the Products 1x a Month For An "At Home" Facial/Spa Experience!

Step 1 Cleanse

Step 2 Re~New Face Scrub:  Gently massage.  Rinse

Step 3 Nourish:  Mist all over face

Step 4 Mask~On:  Apply on clean dry skin. Allow to dry 5-15 minutes. Rinse

Step 5 Nourish:  Mist all over face

Step 6 Autumn Glow Beauty Oil: Apply 1/2 dropper full and massage on face